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Norton Native Intelligence is dedicated to providing a stream of real time data and associated interpretations on the North Georgia, Metro Atlanta and State of Georgia markets. Norton Native Intelligence has collected and analyzed data in these regions since 1986 and maintains the REGION’S most comprehensive real estate, demographic and economic data base. Norton Native Intelligence annual market reports may be found at .

We also publish a free e-mail newsletter Norton Market Watch which covers significant community and regional economic, demographic and real estate events. To subscribe:

Annually, in January, Norton Native Intelligence holds a Forecast presentation on the region’s top 10 trends (demographic, business, social) for the upcoming year. To receive an invitation e-mail:

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This new blog is an effort to turn up the burner for Georgia real estate communication and accelerate the dissemination and responses on the various research products published and released by Norton Native Intelligence. Enjoy, participate and learn.

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